Meet Carol

We at Calypte believe in connecting you to nature through beautiful pieces of jewelry. Calypte Collection designs are inspired by nature's colors, textures and patterns and are designed in sunny southern California by Carol.

Calypte designs are created for those who turn to nature to tackle the everyday. You feel your best when a part of your day involves the outdoors. A brisk morning walk or lunch in the park refreshes you and makes you feel fantastic.

Calypte Collection jewelry is there for you when you can't be out in nature. Our accessories connect you to those experiences and delight your senses through the beautiful colors in our pieces, the natural materials and organic shapes.


Born and raised in a concrete jungle, a deep connection with nature always stirred inside me.

Dark forest greens, blue rushing river waters, bird songs resonating through the trees...these always called my name.

By day, I am a wildlife biologist where I am happily immersed in the beautiful colors of nature, from the gorgeous hues of blooming flowers to the iridescent colors of hummingbird feathers. Woven throughout Calypte Collection you'll find this nature inspired color palate paired with a touch of effortless sophistication.

With Calypte, my goal is to help bring you closer to nature. I strive to do that by designing pieces using organic materials and pulling colors from the wildlife and plants that I have encountered during my work as a biologist. You will find a true reflection of the natural world with a modern twist in my pieces.

I believe in being kind and responsible to our earth because I find joy and solace in the beauty it provides. Where possible I use environmentally friendly materials in Calypte designs and packaging. For example, I use only high quality leathers colored with eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes and our packaging materials are made from recycled papers.

Welcome to the Calypte Collection community and thank you for supporting handmade!

xo, Carol

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