Bronze Sundance ~ Bronze, Mint & Pearl Leather Wrap Bracelet

The Bronze Sundance leather wrap bracelet is a beautiful reminder that your life is full, blessed and beautiful. When days are stressful and things are going your way, the fresh air and vibrant life and beauty is everywhere you look. All your problems seem to go away with the wind. 

"Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places" ~ Camille Pissarro

Inspired by the rich, vibrant colors of the Rufous hummingbird, gorgeous shimmery bronze with a hint of mint green and pearl accentuated with lightly textured fine Karen Hill Tribe silver. This bracelet is 100% genuine leather, free of lead and other harmful chemicals.

  • Length: 15 inches (can be adjusted on request)
  • Karen Hill Tribe silver*
  • Silver plated lobster clasp
  • Handcrafted and shipped from our studio in sunny California 

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The Rufous Hummingbird can be found within the western section of North America.  Found in a wide variety of habitats like gardens, chaparral, and open or shrubby areas, forest thickets, swamps, and meadows.


*100% fine silver  Karen Hill Tribe silver is specially made entirely by hand by highly skilled artisans of the Thai Karen Hill Tribe of northern Thailand. Each piece of silver is hand crafted with great attention to detail and is 99.9 %  fine silver. The Karen are the only tribe that has made silversmithing their profession. Karen Hill Tribe Silver is beautiful, fascinating and truly one of a kind.